CANCELLED: Shop Day at the Mott Farm

NOTICE: This event has been CANCELLED out of concern for the health of our members and the threat of the Coronavirus.

Come on out the the farm of Randy and Lynda Mott near Casstown, Ohio for the spring Shop Day. Change your oil, rotate your tires, flush your antifreeze, install that killer chrome valve cover you bought on eBay. Tim Howard and Ed Walker will lead the technical crew, with Randy (and possibly Christy Mott Haynes) pitching in. Even if you don't need any work done on your Miata, the good times and comradery are worth the trip. Time shown is a placeholder.

Mott Farm, 1350 S. Hufford Road, Casstown, OH 45312

Saturday, April 25, 2020 - 9:00am
Hosted by: 
Tim Howard, Ed Walker, Randy and Lynda Mott